Hacker News Desktop

Hacker News Desktop

Spent a night where I should be working on other things, creating a desktop application for Hacker News simple enough that anyone could use it. Try it out!

This application is portable and doesn’t require an installer. You can refresh the feed whenever you want using the refresh button. Just like on the website it gives you an option to go directly to the story, or check out the comments to see what your fellow HNers have to say about the story.

You can resize Hacker News Desktop to be any size you want and it will adapt accordingly. I personally like to have it on the left side of my monitor maximized vertically.

If you want to know how this was built I will be releasing a premium tutorial on RSS Clients, of which Hacker News Desktop is a type of this client. After going through my tutorial you should be able to built your own Hacker News Desktop and more. Then for those that do not want to learn my following my tutorial, you will be provided with the source code anyways.

If you are interested in this tutorial subscribe below, I will periodically giving away free development tutorials, cheat sheets, and source code anyways.

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